Hi Eppy & finley.

Below is "part" of the video footage I recorded for Jack Dennis and Tom's G.C.S.E. sports (table tennis) presentation.

The recordings were done in stages, ie: introdution to.... then a demo of......each skill.

The final cut is what I edited together from all the recordings.

I suggest you look at your "criteria" for your presentation and we can do some trial runs at George Ward/Sport in Desford during the Monday/Friday sessions, without recordings.

I used my own personal camera, but if you wish to use your phone camera and record and edit it yourself, that's fine.

If you would prefer me to do it, then I will obviously have to do the footage on my device and edit it at home.

Watching it again, there were obvious distractions, I am sure we can avoid that happening this time!!



Jack Intro BH chop

Jack Intro FH - BH Block

Jack Dennis 28-02-19/FH Topspin drive

Jack 28-02-19/Jack and James game with text

Comination of all


Tom/Return of service

FH-BH Flick

The smash

Game intro

Toms final cut